Producing farm and artisanal products, mostly made from raw French milk.

The selection to which is added a range of Swiss, Dutch, Italian, Spanish, Greek and English cheeses has only one watchword: Excellence through the strict requirements of the origin.

The JANIER house, is 4 generations of refiners serving the most demanding dairymen, since the end of the 19th century.

They collect the production of over 800 farms, for an annual volume of 750 tonnes that are then redistributed to specialized retailers in France and over Europe with the addition of Japan in 2007.

The clientele consists only of specialist retailers wishing to offer an unique cheese platter of utmost quality.

The JANIER story began with the great-grandfather, Clément-Félix JANIER, a resident of the Jura department in a place called “Les Janier”. He was followed by Noel and Maurice who helped develop the business of the house.

Today, Christian JANIER, Meilleur Ouvrier de France (best craftsmen in his category) in 2000, is the head of the family house.

The JANIER range brings together nearly 180 references, covering both traditional productions of bovine, ovine and caprine, without omitting buffalo milk.

They established a very strict set of specifications with their producers covering, the livestock management (respect for indigenous breeds, feed produced on the farm, natural raise), manufacturing, and finally the refining.

The products with Janier are cared and respected for. As an example, all goat cheeses are unwrapped, placed on straws and turned over each time the situation demands it, because ultimately, it is the product that demands that we take care of it.

Janier’s several cellars allow them to manage a specific and appropriate ripening for each family of products. Some cheeses remain in their care for over 15 months.

In certain terroirs, it is necessary to know how to deviate from labels to meet the quality.

Only the philosophy of professionals, of which they are but a link, in the life of the product, from the passionate producer to the demanding gourmet. Because in the end, the taste and the typicality of the product remain their main motivations.

The philosophy of the cheese professionals is becoming the best, the bond between excellent products and demanding gourmet epicureans, with its demand of taste and quality in cheese remained motivated.